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Discover all the hottest new launches and new condos in Singapore with! Whether you are looking for a freehold condo or a leasehold condo, in locations within the prime districts or in the suburbs, our portal offers all the latest new launch details and listing that are being updated almost every day. If you're new to buying property and don't know where to start you can find guided information and analysis on every new launch in Singapore, as well as research findings to help you with your property-buying decisions.

For investors looking for a good deal, we offer powerful and user-friendly tools that let you access important information for your new property buys, such as price trends, historical transaction and the best-selling new projects of the month - all these at your fingertips.

Visitors can find the most genuine, reliable and timely information of new and existing launches here. These include the exact location, future developments, promotions, construction status, promotions and other useful info of each project. On top of that, we are here to attend to any other queries that you may have! So please feel free to leave us a comment via the Contact Us section for any property-related matters.

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